With its battery charging time of 2 hours

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With its powerful motor, the iX 5 off road electric scooter has a maximum cruising speed of 10 mph. This makes it suitable for the daily commute in addition to being a great ride for off road fun. The motor provides an average power of 8.15 amps and a maximum peak output of 9.25 amps. The power-to-weight ratio of this scooter is quite impressive.

With a maximum weight of 150 pounds, this scooter offers you a lot of room and comfort. The large front wheel, rear wheel and front handlebars allow Off road electric scooter you to navigate freely across city streets. With the powerful braking system, this scooter comes with a sturdy design. With its maximum load capacity of 150 pounds, you can move it anywhere you want to.

With its folding feature, you can easily carry this scooter around in your bag. The battery life of the iX 5 off road electric scooter is quite impressive. With its battery charging time of 2 hours, you can easily charge it with a standard charger.

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