Why the Need for Medium-Term Accommodation in Australia

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As an NDIS participant, finding suitable accommodation can be a challenging task. For those who require medium-term accommodation, the search for a safe and supportive living arrangement can feel overwhelming. To get the facility we must know why the need for NDIS Medium Term Accommodation, in the first place.

In Australia, there are providers who offer specialized medium-term accommodation for NDIS participants that cater to their unique support needs. This type of accommodation not only provides a temporary solution for those waiting for their permanent housing to be modified, but it can also offer a respite care option for participants and their carers. The benefits of medium-term accommodation cannot be overstated, as it provides a crucial lifeline for participants who require a safe, comfortable, and supportive environment.

Reasons for Why the Need for Medium-Term Accommodation in Australia

NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme) participants may need medium-term accommodation in Australia for various reasons, including:

Transitioning from hospital to home 

NDIS participants who are transitioning from hospital to home may need temporary accommodation while their home is being modified to accommodate their disability.

Specialist support needs

NDIS participants with complex or high support needs may require a level of care that is not available in their current living arrangements. Medium-term accommodation can provide a safe and comfortable living environment with the necessary support services.

Support during emergencies

NDIS participants may need medium-term accommodation during emergencies, such as natural disasters, where their current living arrangements have been disrupted.

Respite care

NDIS participants may need medium-term accommodation for respite care to provide temporary relief for their carers.

Specialist assessments and treatments

NDIS participants may require specialist assessments or treatments that are not available in their current living arrangements. Medium-term accommodation can provide a temporary living arrangement near the specialist services they require.

Who provides Medium-Term Accommodation in Australia to Participants? 

While you have a way through funding when it comes to accommodation, there are more than one kind of support provider that can provide participants with medium-term accommodation in Australia. Medium-term accommodation for NDIS participants in Australia can be provided by various service providers, including:

Specialist disability accommodation providers 

These are providers that offer accommodation designed specifically for people with disabilities. They provide a range of services, including personal care and support, meal preparation, and other support services.

Community housing providers

These are providers that offer affordable, secure, and long-term housing options to people with disabilities. They may also offer medium-term accommodation to NDIS participants while they search for permanent housing.

NDIS-approved disability support providers 

Some NDIS-approved disability support providers may offer medium-term accommodation as part of their services. These providers can offer a range of support services, including personal care and support, community access, and skill development.

What does NDIS say about Medium-Term Accommodation funding in Australia?

Participants may be eligible for medium-term accommodation funding through the NDIS as a home and living support. This funding is designed to provide temporary housing for those who are unable to move into their long-term home due to delays or unavailability of disability support.

Medium-term accommodation is not a stand-alone support and is included in a participant’s plan as part of their overall home and living support needs, typically for up to 90 days. The funding covers only the accommodation cost and is a temporary and additional cost related to the participant’s disability support needs.

For instance, a participant may require medium-term accommodation while waiting for home modifications or for a vacancy in a long-term Specialist Disability Accommodation. The funding for medium-term accommodation does not include everyday living expenses such as food, electricity, or personal care support, which are funded separately if needed.

Medium-term accommodation is generally one-off support, and participants are not likely to require it again once they move to their long-term homes. It is not intended for emergency housing or short-term accommodation, and other mainstream or community supports can provide general housing and accommodation support.

If a participant believes they require medium-term accommodation, they can speak with their support coordinator, local area coordinator, or planner. The NDIS will assess the participant’s needs and determine which home and living supports meet the funding criteria and support requirements.

Benefits that participants get with Medium-Term Accommodation in Australia

Medium-term accommodation in Australia offers various benefits for NDIS participants, such as tailored support that caters to their specific needs, including personal care, meals, and community access. They also gain access to essential services such as healthcare, disability support, and community programs that enable them to maintain their independence and social connections. Moreover, accommodation providers ensure a safe and secure living environment by implementing security measures. 

Additionally, NDIS participants who require temporary accommodation can quickly secure medium-term housing with short waiting times and availability for the short notice and emergency stays. Lastly, medium-term accommodation can also serve as respite care for NDIS participants and their carers, providing a new and stimulating environment for them to receive support while taking a break from their usual living arrangements.

Overall, NDIS registered disability providers in Melbourne or across Australia helps to provide NDIS participants with a safe, comfortable, and supportive living environment that caters to their unique needs while also serving as a temporary solution during housing modifications or specialist assessments and treatments.


Medium-term accommodation for NDIS participants can provide a safe, comfortable, and supportive living arrangement that meets their unique needs. It can also provide a temporary solution while they are waiting for their permanent housing to be modified or while they are undergoing specialist assessments or treatments.

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