What You Need to Know about the Working Holiday Visa for Australia

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Australia is perceived as one of the finest destinations for work, thanks to its magnificent beauty, rich diversity, disciplined environment, and easy-to-apply working holiday visa for Australia. The visa allows you to work across Australia and earn for your time in Australia. In addition, it will not harm your tourist visa.

With the working holiday visa, you can work and travel across Australia for a year. It is an excellent place to work across the country. Now, you may ask what are the requirements or essential things to consider while applying for a working holiday visa.

The following guide will help you walk through the process and ensure you have a wonderful experience working and travelling across the country. If you are planning to apply for this visa, take assistance from the visa consultant in Melbourne if you are in Melbourne or your nearby immigration agent.

Keep on reading to know more.

Know About Working Holiday Visa

A working holiday visa – WHV allows visitors to travel and work across Australia for a period of one year. It is enough time to get a decent job in a country like Australia. No matter how much you have traveled or how well you know about Australia, you must go through the requirements and important considerations to ensure a successful working visa.

Let us know about it in detail in the following paragraphs.

Eligibility Criteria for Working Holiday Visa

  • The candidate’s age must be a minimum of 18 years and a maximum of 30 years old. If the candidate is a Canadian, France, or Ireland resident, he can be a maximum of 35 years old.
  • The candidate must have a valid passport from an eligible country.
  • The candidate should not include dependents in the application.

Things to Consider During Your Stay in Australia

Before you step into a beautiful country like Australia, ensure you have everything in sync. From your documents to staying there, sources for looking for a job, finances, etc. must be in place. To be able to keep everything in the right place, you can make a to-do list and follow it. We have enlisted a few essential things to keep in mind before touching down Australia:

Get a Working Holiday Visa

Well, it is obvious that you need a working visa to take any step further. Therefore, apply for it with all the required documents and paperwork. Australia deals with two different working holiday visas namely, Working Holiday Visa 417 and Work and Holiday Visa 462. You can apply for the visa that fits best with your needs. You must also meet the healthcare and character requirements of Australia as well as buy a valid OVHC.

Keep your Finances in Check

The next step involves checking your finances according to the nee din Australia. You must have a valid proof of your finances that you have shown in your accounts for your stay in Australia.

Decide a Location

Now that you have everything in place, your visa and finances, you must start looking for a place to live. Learn about various cities in Australia and what they can offer you. Decide where you want to work and stay. Some of the popular cities in Australia for work are Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane.

Open your bank account

Next, buy a new phone number and most importantly, avoid buying a new phone, especially iPhone. Australian gadgets are highly expensive and can cost you your pocket.

Find a Job

After you have done all the needful, you can start searching for a job and work in Australia.

Extend Visa

You are allowed to extend your working holiday visa if you want to stay longer.

Apply Today!

The blog teaches you everything that you must have knowledge about i.e., requirements and essential considerations for an Australian working holiday visa. Simply apply for the visa online, submit the required documents, and await the result. You may also buy overseas visitor health insurance to cover your medical bills, if any.

Australia is a perfect country to work and live in. You can enjoy hundreds of beautiful opportunities and have a lifetime of experience.

Asia Pacific Group does it all for you effortlessly. Reach us, our experts, gather information about the visa application process, submit all your documents, and keep track of your finances. We will make your dream of working in Australia happen!


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