What is a hoverboard cart and how do I use it?

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Today, ordinary gyro scooters do not surprise anyone. They have long been very popular, so many owners are bored. Do you want to diversify your free time and make the gyro ski non-standard? Then you should pay attention to an unusual accessory for him – a hoverboard wheelchair.

Controlling the gyro scooter requires the utmost attention and concentration. especially for beginners It is unlikely that you will be able to conquer the city streets right away. First you need to learn how to control the gyrocycle with your feet. At the same time keeping the balance of the body. Not everyone succeeds the first time, moreover, even professionals can accidentally fail.

hoverboard cart It is a device that allows you to control it while sitting. comfort equipment relative safety and comfort with excellent driving stability. Its operation does not require special skills. So even small children can use it. The hoverboard turns your device into a go-kart. It facilitates gyro-cycle control and increases maneuverability, which allows it to reach a maximum speed of 25-30 km/h.
Breed Overview
Designed for single riding and supporting the weight of an adult … The gyroscope wheelchair is mobile. Some models are designed for light transport. Today there are 2 types of devices available for purchase: standard or lever and leverless.
All such models have a common design. The wheelchair weighs about 5 kg . related to the lever

The frame consists of 2 pipes: one is larger in diameter, the other is smaller, they are inserted into each other. It allows you to easily adjust the length of the stroller to fit the length of the owner’s legs. And after use, it can be folded for compact storage. Riding on such equipment is quite comfortable. Installation on the gyro-scooter takes about 20-30 seconds. The device is fixed by straps. Even if the gyro is discharged while riding But the device can be easily moved by hand using the footrest.
New models of standard wheelchairs are equipped with shock absorbers … These are durable springs that look similar to the suspension of a car. Sitting in a wheelchair with shock absorbers will be even more comfortable and safer for health. High vibration absorbing springs Allows you to ride on rough roads.
These models have a similar design. Except for three details: they lack power; Control is done with the feet, not the hands. Factory wheels are installed on the rear. Therefore, a hoverboard is installed at the front. Such carts are also called scooter gyro carts. This device is not very comfortable to use. But it’s still safer. because it is made from a sitting position to increase comfort The stroller has shock absorbers.

Some models have the ability to raise and lower the seat … Height adjustment affects maneuverability and ride comfort. Although they are less secure due to their low mobility. when cornering tight The wagon can overturn.
popular model
On sale today, there are 2 types of carts for hoverboards: HoverKart and HoverSeat. They differ in construction mechanisms.

HoverKart Stroller … This is a generic option and comes standard with linkages. Control is done by hand, so the handle is equipped with a seal for convenience. The equipment is completely safe and comfortable.
hover seat stroller It doesn’t have a lever. So operate with your feet. The device is less secure as it can tip over. with the help of such wagons You can transport light goods.
Control features

The Hoverboards Kart cart is controlled by hand using a lever. which is a kind of steering wheel in straight movement You must tilt the handles of the right and left levers forward with the same force. to brake and move in the opposite direction – backwards

A left turn and a left turn are performed as follows: the right lever should be tilted forward. The left lever should be left in its normal position or slightly tilted back. To turn right and turn right The same reverse operation must be performed. Maneuvering the HoverSeat stroller is no different than maneuvering a regular gyro. Since it requires your feet, it is generally much easier to control the gyro scooter in a seated position. Because you don’t need to maintain balance. Owners can relax and enjoy driving to the fullest.

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