How To Create A Gripping Thriller Book?

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Hyping the readers with the suspense, plot twists, anxiety, and expectations, thriller books keep the readers on the edge of their seats. They hook the reader’s attention by taking them onto a roller coaster ride and not letting them go until the end of the story. You have a chance to go all out while writing a thriller because you can add high stakes, an interesting plot, realistic pacing, and suspense. 

Writing a thriller containing all these factors can be challenging for the author. This is because you have to keep the reader in the dark and create the suspects that no one could expect until the end of the story. You also need to create balance while writing a thriller, like keeping the tension high on some pages and then writing normal and relaxing scenes that contain some plots to entertain the reader. 

Writing the plot twists in the book will keep the reader on their toes until they reach the story’s climax. Suspense is also a valuable tool that you can use to engage the reader and increase their curiosity. Moreover, you can add plot twists and suspense according to the type of thriller you are writing on. 

To determine the book’s plot, you can choose a thriller type such as psychological, mystery, science fiction, spy, or military thriller. You can write a compelling thriller story of any type or hire a self-publishing book company if you lack the skills to write an interesting thriller. 

Read this blog post to learn about the key elements of writing a thriller book that can engage the reader in every book scene.

Key Elements To Writing A Thriller Book

Choose A Compelling Plot

The plot is the most important thing in writing a thriller novel, as it is a central part of the story’s structure. You need to build an exciting plot to give a glimpse to the reader of what will happen in the book. The plot of thriller books usually involves characters that have a conflict with each other or with others. 

The plot of a thriller is to connect the events in the story by highlighting the chain of events. To create a powerful thriller, you must show a valuable connection between the events and how they affect each other. 

Build A Strong Protagonist

You should add a strong protagonist in the thriller that is relatable to the reader. The reader must consider what will happen to the character in the future and its choices in different circumstances. Hype the reader up by telling the protagonist’s shortcomings and intentions. 

In some thriller types, the plot is more important than the story’s protagonist. But you need to deliver a gripping story to make your thriller work. It is actually the protagonist’s actions and goals that take the story forward and make the story more compelling for the reader. When you write about the story’s protagonist in-depth, the reader understands its stake at each turn. 

Create A Convincing Villain

You cannot have a hero in your book without a villain. The protagonist is the main character of your book, and it is his story that we are reading. But you always need a real villain who wants to take the protagonist down. 

In many cases, the villain actually drives the plot of the story. He is the one who acts against the protagonists and also reacts to his actions. The villain of the story is as important as the hero. This means you need to define the protagonist in more detail than the protagonist. The story, action, and reaction between these two characters will help you create an amazing thriller. 

Choose An Engaging Opening Scene

The starting scene determines if your thriller book is worth it or not. This is the one major way to hook the attention of your reader. You should ensure that your introduction is not lengthy enough as it makes the reader lose interest. 

You need to shock the reader by adding suspense or action and grabbing their attention. Your goal should be to make the reader turn the page to read more. You can give the first three pages of your book to the suspense or a shocking opening. You can start by writing about the life a protagonist taking a dreadful turn. 

Gives Hints To The Reader Throughout The Book

You can create an effective thriller by giving hints, clues, and suspense throughout the book. You should not just write a story and resolve the issues at the end of it. This will make your story boring, and the reader lose all interest.

You need to ensure that the reader reads your thriller book multiple times. This will only happen when you uphold his attention for a large span. It is vital if you give hints to the reader while creating suspense. 

Create Conflict In The Story

How can you make the protagonist strained? Simply by adding a conflict. You should create multiple conflicts in your thriller that make the protagonist confused and uneasy. Every book scene should reflect the conflict internally and externally that the protagonist is trying to figure out and resolve. 

You can prevent the reader from relaxing by creating an atmosphere where the protagonist is tied up with different problems at a time. You can break the plot of your thriller book into three steps, where the protagonist identifies the problem, learns about the villain, and confront the villain after solving the problem. 

You Can Add Multiple Twists

A thriller is incomplete without the twists and turns. You need to create suspense at every step and shock the reader with the twists, or they won’t be thrilled by your story. The best time to create a twist is when the reader has expected a certain ending. 

You can give a turn to the story by killing their favorite character or having a drastic change in the story. You can share a different story or also show them the truth when they were not expecting it. But, it is up to you to make the reader satisfied at the end of your thriller book. 

Final Thoughts!

You can write an amazing thriller book by adding the above-mentioned elements. You have a chance to create a compelling story by creating an interesting plot, building a strong protagonist, a convincing villain, a shocking and thrilling opening scene, giving hints, creating conflicts, and adding multiple twists. This will give a reader a good reading experience and make them curious till the end of the story. But if you lack the skills to write an engaging story, you can hire a self publishing book company to help you.

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