The Important Elements Of A Book Cover Design

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We have heard the phrase “Don’t judge a book by its cover” many times. But it is the opposite when it comes to books because a book is actually judged by its cover. 

The book cover design is one of the most important aspects of the book publishing process as it has a major role in the book’s success.  The role of book cover design is to draw readers’ attention with an interesting title, background pictures, and graphics. Your book cover design will not catch the reader’s eye and will lose sales if it is not designed well. Therefore, you should create an amazing book cover with a front and back cover with perfect typography, contrast, colors, imagery, and layout. 

The front and back cover of a book must give the potential readers a sneak peek of what your book is about. In this way, you can provide the readers with valuable information so that they can decide whether to invest their time in reading the book or not. 

Read this blog to learn about what goes into the book cover design and how to make it look attractive. 

The Main Elements Of Book Cover Design

A book cover design is actually a marketing tool that you can use to attract potential readers. Readers love books that convey important information with perfect layouts, pictures, and typography. Below are the main elements of book cover design that need to be designed perfectly. 

The Layout Of The Book Cover 

A book cover design is mainly comprised of images and text. You can make the correct layout by inserting the message you want your book cover design to convey. To do this, you need to ensure that it is supported by every element of the book cover such as image, color, typeface, and text.

Talking about communicating the message, you must ensure that it has the right tone so that readers do not misunderstand it. If your layout does not look professional, it will instantly lose its quality and displease the readers. 

Front Cover

The front cover is the main element that creates the first impression on the potential reader. The major role of the front cover is to draw the reader’s interest with perfect imagery and typography. Add creative titles, subtitles, pictures, background images, and graphics to make an excellent front cover. 

The front cover of your book must have all these things to make the book cover enticing, as this will help sell your books. You must use easy and big fonts and attractive pictures because the front page is a marketing tool for your book. 


There is a saying, “A picture tells a thousand words.” Of all the important parts of your book cover design, imagery is one of the most essential one in all of them. To attract potential readers, you must select the correct graphic, picture, or statement with bright colors. The pictures you use on the front page should communicate the message or the genre of the book.

Your picture should excite the readers by creating mood, anticipation, and expectations. Remember, the visual representation is the first thing a reader notices; therefore, you need to select the correct colors to make it stand out. 


Good and captivating typography is a significant part of book cover design. Typography presents the idea and message to the potential reader when they look at the letters printed on the front cover. The easy fonts also help clear the value of words, sentences, and phrases. 

Remember that every element on the front cover of the book is to convey the message and genre of the book. You should not use unique fonts because it will make your title and other text difficult to read. You must set the right mode for the font so that the readers can know the difference between the genres. 


You need to think like a reader when deciding the title of your book. You can be creative with the title, but you must ensure it is easy and clear to the reader. The title of the book should communicate what your book is about. 

You can add visual elements and design as well to tell the readers about the book. Your book’s title should hook the reader’s attention and compel them to read more of your book content. This is why you need to be straightforward and direct with the title. 


You can use subtitles on your book cover to elaborate on the topic of your book. In other words, you can say that the subtitles are usually added to give additional information about the book. The subtitles are important for the book cover design of fiction books. 

The subtitles in fiction books are added to give a short glimpse of the content between the covers. It takes less time to read the description than immediately draws the attention of readers. Moreover, if you are designing a book cover design for an eBook, you can also add keywords to rank it on the search engine. 

Back Cover 

If your back cover is cluttered and overcrowded, it will be an overwhelming experience for the readers, and they will not bother to read the back cover. The back cover of the book is as important as the front cover. Therefore, your back cover should have a proper font and tone so that a reader will also read the back cover. 

You can add different things on the back cover, such as a blurb, author bio, testimonials, and reviews. These elements can make the book cover enticing and professional if added properly. 

Sum It Up!

You can create a professional book cover design to make your book attractive. The book cover design acts as a marketing tool that helps draw potential readers’ attention with the perfect front page, title, subtitles, typography, imagery, and back cover. You can make your book cover design creative and exciting by adding the above-mentioned elements correctly.

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