How To Record Google Meet With iTop Screen Recorder?

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Google Meet is one of the world’s most popular video conferencing solutions because of its professionalism and simplicity, and many people enjoy using it to create video meetings. Do you know how to record Google Meet on a laptop?

Recording Google Meet meetings is helpful if you want to review them later, share what was discussed in Google Meet with absent attendees, or keep a meeting record for training purposes. This article will demonstrate accurate methods for recording Google Meet on a laptop without permission using iTop Screen Recorder!

How to record Google Meet on a laptop making use of its built-in recording function

The first method for grabar Google Meet on a laptop is to use its built-in recording function. This method, however, necessitates being either the meeting host or a participant with permission. The following is indeed a guide to using the app’s recording feature to record Google Meet on laptops.

  • Go to Google Meet and join the video meeting.
  • Go to Activities>Recording at the bottom of the meeting window and select the Start recording option to begin Google Meet recording. When you start or stop recording, other participants will be notified.
  • To stop Google Meet recording, navigate to Activities>Recording.
  • Select the Stop Recording option.
  • The Google Meet recording is now available in your Google Drive for future use.

How to record a Google Meeting with audio using iTop Screen Recorder

The second method for recording Google Meet is to use professional recording software, which is iTop Screen Recorder!

The iTop Screen Recorder is one such piece of software with a solid market reputation. It allows you to easily record any part of your screen in high resolution up to 4K. Furthermore, iTop Screen Recorder is a full-featured tool that can meet all your recordings needs for Google Meet, including recording, output, and editing.

iTop Screen Recorder is a screen casting application ideal for webinar recording. It is indeed compatible with all Windows operating systems, and includes a free screen recorder, a powerful video editor and annotator, and instant sharing. Meanwhile, iTop Screen Recorder supports various output formats, including WebMD, MP4, AVI, and MOV.

How to use iTop Screen Recorder to record Google Meet?

Follow the three steps to record your Google Meet session easily.

  •  On your laptop, download and install iTop Screen Recorder. To frame your recording area, click Capture Video and select Custom Area.
  • Click the record icon in the interfaz to begin recording the Google Meet meeting. When finished, click the stop icon to end the Google Meet recording.
  • Save the Google Meet recording in the folder you’ve designated.


The built-in recording feature of Google Meet is fantastic, but it requires a Workspace plan subscription. A strongly recommend it! iTop Screen Recorder is a more versatile alternative for capturing and saving important Google Meet video calls for future reference.


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