How To Bring Integrity Value And Quality In Dissertation Research

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Dissertation Research

Integrity value and quality in dissertation research pertain to the credibility of research findings, applicability, and relevance to the academic discourse. There are various measures that ensure integrity value, and quality in dissertation research. Replication studies are carried out for the sole purpose of increasing the integrity and quality of the research. Research integrity and value are emphasized in academia because otherwise, the production of knowledge would be inundated with superstitious and orthodox perspectives. Therefore, it is imperative to learn how to bring integrity value, and quality to dissertation research and this article will tell you how to do it.

What Is Meant By Integrity Value And Quality In Dissertation Research?

Integrity value is basically the value attached to the integrity of research in the academic world. Research integrity pertains to carrying out research based on rigorous standards and upholding ethical standards in research. The researcher must try to conduct a dispassionate study of the issue at hand and not let preconceived notions and biases impact the research results. It is true that everyone has biases, and the very selection of a topic for research is influenced by likeness and preferences, but the researcher must aim to provide a balanced account.

The facts must not be handpicked to accommodate the preconceptions of the researcher must let the facts and statistics speak for themselves and provide counterarguments. Research integrity, value and quality in dissertation research are maintained by adhering to the ethical standards that aim to add value to the literature.

How To Ensure Integrity Value, And Quality In Dissertation Research?

There are five basic components of research integrity and quality standard which must be taken care of while conducting research. Here are the five basic principles:

  • Designing an appropriate research methodology
  • Critical Literature Review
  • Objective and honest reporting of the facts and results
  • Drawing valid inferences from the results
  • Providing Recommendations for Future Research

Designing An Appropriate Research Methodology

Research methodology is the heart of dissertation research. It is informed by the research design and delineates the steps and procedures the researcher takes to arrive at the results. The researcher must be open and honest about the methods used for data collection and analysis so that the other researchers can replicate the methodology for their research using a different data set. Also, the replication of the research is possible only when the researcher is honest about the research methodology. Furthermore, the research methodology requires justifying to the readers why did the researcher choose a particular method.

The choice of specific research methods is informed by the research design and the overarching research philosophy. Research philosophy pertains to the researcher’s philosophical orientation, whether it is positivism or interpretivism. The researcher must acquaint himself or herself with the various research philosophies and design the research methodology accordingly. Additionally, the research must delineate the type of research, qualitative or quantitative and specify the sampling criteria, data collection and analysis methods. Transparency and openness add value to the research and greatly enhance the research’s integrity.

Critical Literature Review

A critical literature review enhances the research integrity and adds quality to the dissertation research. A critical literature review entails a review of the existing literature and shedding light on the recent developments in research. Moreover, it entails evaluating the shortcomings and strengths of the available literature. A critical literature review does not mean undue criticism and outright rejection of everything because that is not the hallmark of true scholarship.

Academic standards necessitate being appreciative of what others have done while at the same time highlighting the weaknesses of the existing studies. The production and dissemination of knowledge are possible only when there is healthy criticism. Healthy criticism reflects openness and flexibility on the researcher’s part and informs the readers about the various currents of thought underpinning the discussed issue. It enhances the quality of the research and adds credibility to the dissertation research.

Objective Reporting of Results

Objective reporting of research results adds integrity, value and quality in dissertation research. Also, objective reporting is a mandatory requirement because if you do not lay bare the facts that you have compiled, then your readers would get the impression that you have based on arguments on mere conjectures. Therefore, it is imperative to honestly report the research results gathered during the data collection process.

The researcher must not omit the specific results and statistics that do not conform to the research problem or hypothesis because doing so would lead to research bias. Research is an art of learning and re-learning; therefore, the researcher must let go of his or her biases and report the results objectively. Objective reporting entails even presenting the data, which is contrary to the researcher’s expectations, but it is evidence, and therefore it must be reported for readers to get a varied perspective on the issue.

Drawing Valid Inferences From The Results

Drawing valid inferences from the results is another principle which must be upheld if one has to add integrity value, and quality in dissertation research. It is often the case that researchers do not draw valid inferences from the research results and the interpretations contradict the research results. Sometimes it happens unintentionally, but researchers often do it intentionally when the results are not favourable to their initial assertions. They dread going the extra mile to collect more data so that a balanced proportion of inferences can be drawn. It is imperative to draw valid inferences from the research results and avoid making illogical connections. If you think that the effort is too much for you to handle, you can take help from British dissertation writing services.

Providing Recommendations for Future Research

Providing recommendations for future research adds integrity value, and quality to the research. Further, providing recommendations is mandatory in dissertation research because it informs future researchers to extend the research further and shed a different perspective on the issue.


Integrity value and quality in dissertation research necessitate upholding professional academic standards and abiding by ethical values. The research must be original, unique, and oriented towards adding value to the literature.


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