Hoverboards Smart Balance: Features and Uses

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Hoverboard Smart Balance is a new device originally intended for people’s leisure and entertainment. In a sense, this is a very original kind of toy. Riding on it can divide people’s leisure time. And it’s a modern way of fast shipping.

In fact, Smart Balance is not a company or company that will produce this product. The fact is that today hoverbaord of different brands are actually produced in one Chinese factory. The main difference between them is only in their appearance, which is based on the recommendations of specific customers.

In 2014, when the first devices These are released. Nobody knows why it was necessary. Therefore, the main task of future brand management is to convey the concept of using this product in everyday life.
Initially, the name “smart” was used, which means “smart”, because the hoverboard uses a special control panel that can understand the movements of the human body and will allow him to control the device. Soon after, the word “balance” was used in the name as well.

How “Smart Balance” – this is the name of the new invention
When he first encountered this product, Tian immediately liked the concept. Although no one knows anything about this product. And no one can predict whether investing in Smart Balance will be highly profitable or not. But Tian realized that the hoverboard would not become just a modern toy – he sincerely believed that hoverboards would greatly help humanity as a whole.

He believed that this device should be made as accessible to everyone as possible, and dreamed that one day everyone could ride freely and not walk. And in 2015, Tian decided to invest in the mass launch of Smart Balance.

Important characteristics
Many modern gyro scooters are distinguished by their unique design, convenient dimensions and not the greatest weight – about 10 kg, although there are also heavier options. But it was called an “off-road vehicle”, the manufacturer also took it into account. Possibility of compact folding of the product. so that it is most convenient for home storage and transportation.
The machine has a display. This allows you to control details over time, such as the battery charge level. The trajectory of movement with such assistance So you can control the headlights and brake lights.
Advantages and Disadvantages
Ease of learning is the first advantage of the product. There are other benefits as well.
• Inflatable wheels …they are made of the best quality rubber.
• Many manufacturers provide The suspension is quite high – which allows the rider to boldly slide into the hole and even climb over a low curb without any problems.
• Runs smoothly. Adaptation.
• Many gyro scooters can be safely moved not only on flat surfaces. But even on gravel, tile, low grass and well-covered snow,
• The audio system will allow you to listen to your favorite music from your smartphone while driving.
• good maneuverability

Models with larger wheels cost much more. But such devices are less maneuverable and quite heavy. which is not very popular with consumers Because such devices are difficult to transport and inconvenient to store, users sometimes do not appreciate the excessively loud sound emitted at the start of the product.

Not all hoverboards are suitable for children. Because the sensor fully calculates the weight and height of an adult rider.Inflatable wheels are both good because with them you will not feel the asphalt is uneven and bad, because such wheels often have to be pumped up and there is a risk of accidental damage.But the disadvantages of Smart Balance are completely forgotten once you start riding. Experience amazing
Smart Balance Wheel 6.5

The device is suitable for use on flat roads and indoors, this model is very mobile. It’s surprisingly light. as well as low suspension This will make the device unable to overcome high obstacles.

Smart Balance SUV 10
More powerful equipment than all previous models due to large wheels. Users do not need to get off the hoverboard and hold it in their hands. If potholes and other irregularities are found along the way, the main characteristic of the model is in the wheels of the chamber – it significantly reduces the weight of the product and softens the impact force on bumps.
Smart Balance Premium 10.5
One of the most demanded models. Very large device with 10.5″ cast wheels. Excellent cross-country ability compared to other Smart Balance products – this device can be safely driven almost anywhere. The rider’s weight ranges from 20 to nearly 130 kg.
Smart Balance Hummer 9
An exclusive product for all-terrain mobility, a truly modern SUV. Its unique feature is its excellent adhesion to any road surface.
Smart Balance А8
It is one of the latest developments. It has 10.5 inch inflatable rubber wheels, made from the best rubber. and vice versa It will help you easily pass any irregularities on modern roads. The powerful motor enables this device to accelerate up to 20 km per hour with built-in speaker and bluetooth. Your favorite songs will be with you throughout your journey. Additionally, no one will be able to see hoverboard beyond the appealing design.Additionally, a unique handle serves as the location of all controls in this product. The control sensor is closer to the wheel. Movement and control steps are achieved by tilting the handle in the desired direction.

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