Best Online Resources to Get Free College Textbooks

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get free textbooks
get free textbooks

The typical college student spent between $628 and $1,471 on textbooks and supplies during the academic year 2021–2022. This cost will only rise in the future because textbook prices normally rise by an average of 12% with each new edition. Students can try to reduce these costs by renting the textbook rather than buying it, shopping at a used bookstore, or purchasing an earlier version (hoping that the fundamental ideas of the topic haven’t changed significantly since then). But there are also a few websites that offer databases that users may search to determine if the textbooks they require are accessible for free download.

You can locate the precise textbook you need without having to pay the publisher’s outrageous sticker price by looking up the ISBNs of your required textbooks. Before spending any money on this semester’s textbooks, check out the following websites to Get Free Textbooks.


If you are looking for online resources to get free textbooks in printed form, there is no need to go anywhere else but SolutionInn. You can easily find here thousands of textbooks on graduate and undergraduate subjects including business, engineering, math, science, and social sciences. The advanced search function lets you find the required textbook in no time. The website also offers free shipping on textbooks. Find the book you need and let SolutionInn deal with the rest to deliver it to you anywhere in the US, UK, or Canada.    

Collection Genesis:

Library Genesis is the first place any student goes when looking for a PDF of their needed textbooks online. Users can use its straightforward interface to perform searches by author, title, or ISBN. More than 2.4 million non-fiction books, 80 million science magazine articles, millions of comic book files, thousands of magazine issues, and more are purportedly available at Library Genesis.

Free Book Corner

Free Book Spot is a website that connects people to websites where the textbooks they’re interested in are being hosted rather than actually hosting the PDF versions of textbooks. Nevertheless, Free Book Spot features a huge selection of books in a huge number of genres. If the book you require isn’t listed, you can post your request to a queue so that system administrators can try to find it.

Drive PDF

Over 75 million eBooks, journals, and articles can be found on PDF Drive, an online resource for finding PDF files. Users of PDF Drive can preview files before downloading them thanks to the site’s simple interface—a crucial feature given that the site only permits 100MB of free downloads. Additionally, it enables you to save links for later use in case you ever need to locate a PDF that you didn’t download.

The Wayback Machine:

It should come as no surprise that the Wayback Machine, a researcher’s best buddy, is invaluable to get free textbooks. The Wayback Machine offers a collection of over six million books that may be readily searched by title, author, or ISBN in addition to years’ worth of screenshots of more than 700 billion web pages.

Gutenberg Project.

Project Gutenberg is a collection of more than 60,000 free ebooks that bears the name of the famous printing press inventor. To provide as many e-books in as many formats for the entire world to read in as many languages as possible to break down the barriers of ignorance and illiteracy. When possible, their collection is also available in HTML, PDF, EPUB, MOBI, and Plucker in addition to plain text.

The Assayer

The Assayer is an online library that features books whose authors have decided to make them freely accessible for Online Learning. The Assayer, which was established in 2000, stands out from other sources since it lets students get free textbooks on maths, science, and computers. If you’re into that sort of thing, this site also lets you interact with other readers and post reviews on books you’ve read.

Open Library

Although there aren’t many textbooks available, it does offer works of classic literature that are regularly found on syllabuses. The fact that Open Library’s content can be translated into a number of languages, including Spanish, French, German, Czech, and others, is what sets it apart.

Check out these online resources to get free textbooks and build your personal library without paying a price for books.

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