8 Foods to Help Treat Erectile Dysfunction

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There are a variety of foods that aid in the treatment of premature ejaculation like eggs, dark chocolate, bananas, shitake mushrooms and avocados. The various food items will increase the time to achieve a peak during physical interactions.

Erectile Dysfunction is among the most frequent physical issue in males. It is generally believed that modifying the amount of food consumed could help treat this issue. There is however no particular food or drink that is able to treat Erectile Dysfunction.

But foods high in magnesium and zinc can prolong the time for you to reach climax in your physical interaction.

Premature ejaculation may affect pleasure in sexual interactions, which can cause sufferers to feel low about themselves which can cause conflict between couples.

Foods that treat early Ejaculation

Here are some food items to with the treatment of Erectile Dysfunction. may explore.

Dark chocolate

Dark chocolate is thought of as an option to treat early ejaculation due to its natural aphrodisiac and is quite efficient.

Chocolate contains anandamide compound which is known to make people feel more content and improve the general mood. The presence of arginine is also a source of the level of stimulation.


Eggs can be used as a food item to treat Erectile Dysfunction, which is full of nutrients. The protein content of eggs is helpful in maintaining the health of male reproductive organs. Additionally, eggs are rich in Vitamin B1 (thiamine).

Thiamine deficiencies have been scientifically demonstrated to be a cause of fatigue and diminished confidence in yourself. Both of these symptoms are thought to be related to the Erectile Dysfunction.


Asparagus is a vegetable widely utilized for treating premature ejaculation in tradition Indian medicine. Numerous studies on mice have also demonstrated the benefits use of asparagus in the form of a food source for treating Erectile Dysfunction.

Furthermore, asparagus can be a food aphrodisiacs. The amount of glycosides and phytochemicals are thought to enhance the reproductive health of men, specifically through reducing inflammation and urinary retention.


Carrots are a multivitamin-rich food that aids in female and male reproductive health. This vegetable helps in boosting circulation and enhancing circulation to penis’ muscles. This makes carrots one of Cenforce 100(https://pillscorner.com/product/cenforce-100-mg/) and Cenforce 200 to stop Erectile Dysfunction.


Shitake mushrooms, in particular are an excellent source of Choline, vitamin D and zinc, which are essential for the health of reproductive organs. Many ingredients can be beneficial in improving testosterone levels as well as boosting the strength and coordination of your muscles.


Psychological issues, such as anxiety and stress, can trigger certain nerves that are associated with the ejaculation. Celery is a food that can be used for treating premature ejaculation due to vitamin B2 and B6 can ease stress.


Men with low levels of magnesium have been proven scientifically to reduce the chance of having Erectile Dysfunction. Avocados are rich in magnesium, and is healthy in the sense that it could be used as a source of food to help prevent Erectile Dysfunction.


Bromelain is an enzyme that helps improve the libido of males and help stop Erectile Dysfunction. For treating Erectile Dysfunction. Bananas are high in vitamin B6, which plays an a crucial role in the release of testosterone hormone in men.

A regular intake of bananas every day may boost testosterone levels, and lower the possibility of Erectile Dysfunction.

Other treatment options for Erectile Dysfunction

In addition to food, but here are alternative treatment options you can use to treat Erectile Dysfunction.

Utilize topical items (ogles) for example, Erectile Dysfunction wipes, prescription topical creams for anesthetics as well as lidocaine sprays and condoms to control ejaculation.

Supplement with zinc.

Develop techniques for strengthening the muscles that surround the intimate organs, pelvic floor and the pelvic muscles for example, Kegel exercises.

It is also possible to temporarily stop sexual contact during sexual contact.

This helps reduce the pressure and tension that could be felt when the pressure is attempting to enter.

There are many foods that treat ejaculation that is premature and other treatments. For greater effectiveness you must also get rid of the habits and lifestyles that influence the health of your reproductive organs and the heart, for example, smoking.

If there isn’t any change in the severity of premature ejaculation or if it becomes worse, it is recommended to seek out a doctor for the proper treatment.

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