5 Benefits of Using TypeScript for Developing Apps

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Over the years, TS aka TypeScript has become more popular than JavaScript. Today many developers rely on it instead of JS for developing their apps. This is because of the benefits that it provides which JS does not provide. For instance, it enables developers to detect code errors while writing. Furthermore, TS also supports code reusability and helps developers produce high-quality code. Moreover, the use of TS also makes it very easy for developers to work on the app after long gaps. In other words, it is worthwhile to use TS for your projects. Keeping this in mind, today we are going over the five benefits of using TypeScript for developing apps.

Here are the benefits that you get by choosing TS for developing apps.

Best for Big Applications

TS is the best programming language when it comes to developing large enterprise apps. This is mainly because the programming language allows developers to detect errors while writing code. As a result, they are to do their work more efficiently and in less amount of time. In other words, TS allows developers to easily enhance their productivity. Moreover, the use of TS for developing apps also makes the development/maintenance process very easy for developers. Thus, if you are thinking about developing a large enterprise app for your firm then you must use TS. To learn how to build enterprise-level apps using this remarkable programming language feel free to join our TypeScript Online Training program.

Frameworks Support

Today almost all major development frameworks support TS. For instance, JavaScript frameworks such as React, Angular, VueJS, etc. support this amazing programming language. Thus, you can easily configure any JS framework for working with TS. This is mainly because TS supports static typing and easy error detection, unlike JS. Apart from this, TS supports interfaces, unlike JavaScript. Moreover, the use of TS also helps in producing high-quality code. Furthermore, since TS can detect errors while typing the probability of you writing low-quality code is very low. This is another reason why the programming language receives huge support from various JS frameworks, unlike JavaScript. So, if you also want to get these benefits then you must use TS for developing your application.

Easy Maintenance

TS code is very easy to understand and update. Thus, if you use it for your project then it will be very easy for you to work on your projects even after gaps.  Furthermore, it allows you to add comments in every line of your code for future reference. This makes it very easy for anyone to work on the app even if they are working on it for the first time. As a result, the maintenance and upgradation of the app become very easy. So, if you want to develop apps that are easy to maintain and upgrade then you must TS. It will make it very easy for you to maintain and upgrade your app after long gaps.

Supports All Browsers

Another benefit of using TypeScript is that it supports all browsers. At the time of compilation, the entire TS code is converted into JavaScript code. Thus, after compilation, your TS code can run on any browser or OS. In other words, if you use TS for your projects then you can easily build platform/OS-independent apps. Amazing, right? So, if you also want to build apps that can run efficiently on all browsers then you must TS for your app.

Great IDE support

Another advantage of using TypeScript for apps is that it comes with great IDE support. Developers spend the majority of their time on code editors or IDE and TS makes it easier for them to work on them. For instance, the programming language comes with mouse hover support. Thus, you can just hover over your code on the IDE to see what is behind it. Besides this, the programming language also helps developers see code errors in real-time on IDE. Additionally, the programming language also makes it very easy for code editors to refactor code. So, if you also want these benefits on your IDE then you must TS for your projects. To learn about all the benefits that you can get on your code editor by using this remarkable programming language feel free to join our TypeScript Training in Noida.


As you can see there are tons of benefits of using TS over JS. For instance, it enables developers to write high-quality code. Furthermore, it also enables developers to detect codes while writing. Additionally, TS is also compatible with all the major JavaScript frameworks. Moreover, the use of TS also makes it very easy for developers to maintain/upgrade the app after long gaps. Thus, if you also want to get these benefits then you must TypeScript for your apps. You will not regret using this outstanding programming language for developing your enterprise-level app.

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